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Hyundai digital

In my time working on the Hyundai account, I have designed a number of pages and content pieces for Below is a sampling of a few!

2019 Veloster Reveal

The vehicle landing page for the new 2019 Veloster called for the breaking of our typical landing page template for something new and a little more exciting. Together with the UX team, we created a new page design from scratch.

Veloster Vehicle Landing Page

In keeping with the themes established with the new 2019 Veloster reveal page, we launched the full landing page and revealed the new-to-the-US Veloster N, the first of the N series vehicles that focus on driver performance.

Blue Link

To support the Hyundai Blue Link app, and provide users with new feature information, we completely overhauled the Blue Link page. I art directed the production of all the background videos shot for the page, as well as designed the UI if the page itself.

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